Hate Has No Place Here
Uniting for tolerance one free button at a time

About the Free Button Project

The day after the worst presidential election in her lifetime this lowly designer wished terribly that she had studied law instead of art. After her fantasies of changing careers to work for the ACLU subsided, she decided what she could do right away was make things, so why not design some buttons to give out to friends, family and her community for free. Buttons that said unequivocally that we won't stand for hate of any kind — we will not go quietly or passively into this darkness that we now find ourselves in.

Now that she's out of her turtle shell of disbelief she is finding small bits of joy in packaging up envelopes of buttons for friends, friends of friends, family and her community, as well as keeping a stash in her pocket and leaving them everywhere she goes like a covert button fairy.


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Jenna Riggs is a graphic designer and illustrator, who lives on Vashon Island, outside Seattle with her amazing husband and two fabulous daughters.

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